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  1. stephen paganoni

    Great story abut Rhodesy just wondering if you could help me my father Cecil Paganoni was a champion footballer in the upper murray leauge an the tallangata leauge but I cant seem to find any info about him sadly he died in 2006 I am trying to find info on him

  2. Garry Knight

    Hi KB.
    You want remember me but I played a bit of cricket with United (Greh Rosser is my cousin). Even tried to play football at Moyhu when you were coach but as a footballer I was a very good golfer.
    I now live in Wodonga and this year have joine dthe Bulldogs as I used to work with Hards as a Financial Adviser (now retired). He is a top fella and I thought I should give him a hand.
    I actually re-met Boxer McGee on Wednesday as he is at the “kennel” to.
    Thanks for the great artcile. I am the editor for the Bulldogs facebook page so have copied the link there.
    I will be at WJ Findlay tomorrow too, doing time keeping for the reserves.

  3. Bruce Anderson

    Hello KB,
    I have just read your story on Nick Morris who I have been catching up with in recent times. Tomorrow night he is speaking at the Dafydd Lewis Scholarship Annual dinner, which is a scholarship which provides financial support for state school boys to go to Uni. Your article is a cracker and provided information for me to introduce him tomorrow night.
    I recall vividly how with Geoff Welch and Laurie Burt we set about recruiting Nick for the Rovers and our rebuild. Remember that group of kids we recruited because we set about getting young men of talent and character. We were blessed. Robbie Walker, The Wilson boys, Matt Allen, Robby Hickmott and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. Imagine if Nick had been in this group too.
    Thanks for the article and all the fabulous memories of being part of Wang rovers FC.
    Bruce Anderson

  4. Kevin Mack

    KB you are a champion of all sports. Thank you for your kind words about my father, Kevin Mack Snr, a great testament to a wonderful career from,what some say, a flawed individual. I suppose ‘convention’ is only a perspective that people use to find excuses for ‘naughty’ boys. He and Rinso Johnson were both and entertained both on and off the field. Thanks again, the story bought tears to my eyes. KMack Jnr

  5. Ben Keens

    G’day KB,

    I was reading your article about Chris Derrick as I believe he played for our west’s cricket club here in Canberra. Our club is celebrating a 50 year anniversary this summer and are trying to track down all former players. Do you have contact details for Chris or could you ask him to contact me via keensy@live.com. Chris may not be able to attend but we would like to at least get an invite out to him. Cheers Ben.

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